[Little Phoenix] Chapter 36

Hey guys so I finally managed to get this chapter translated after half a month. Feels like my translating skills get rusty the moment I stop translating for more than a week :/ I got too busy catching up on my reading list cause Kenkyo Kenjitsu and My Disciple Died Yet Again came out with a flood of releases. YES YES YEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!! So yeah hope you enjoy the chapter and I have no clue when I’m gonna post the next one after this.

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Status Update

So as VivianColdwater recently pointed out to me, the version I’m translating from was the unedited version that the author had posted prior to publishing the book. I plan on going over the chapters that I have translated and cross-referencing them with the edited version. Thankfully, the author didn’t make that many edits with some edits translating as the same thing in English. For the most part, there’s around a 70% match between the unedited and edited versions so hopefully this won’t take too much time. I’ll still be posting a chapter this Saturday so no worries about that. Scroll down for the cover of the novel but only if you want to be spoiled about the OTP.

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[Little Phoenix] Chapter 35

Hey guys, finally updated this on time. Anyways, for Lu Xiaocan fans, ur probably gonna be a bit(?) mad at Lucifer in this chapter. If ur fans of both of them then…have fun with the inner turmoil i guess?

Chapter 35: Origins of the God’s Son (1)

Entering Qin Hall, she was met with the sight of the Devil God standing at the center of the hall. Within the completely empty main hall and under the blue luster of the magic lights, the tall back was a little cold and lonely.

Tian Zhen shook her head. Continue reading

[Hard to Escape] Chapter 3.3

Errr, luen here. Didn’t finish Little Phoenix on time so instead here’s Hard to Escape for this Saturday’s release instead hahaha…don’t kill me ^w^ Btw, the bolded words were originally in english.

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Chapter 3.3

He looked strained as he said this as if he was putting great effort into organizing his words. There was a faint tinge of red on his face and it was only at this moment when he walked up to me that I smelled not only pungent paint but also the unconcealable smell of alcohol on his body.    Continue reading

[Little Phoenix] Chapter 34

Hehe, sorry again for the late chapter and just a head’s up, most of u are probably gonna hate Zhao Huajun (more) in this chapter.

Chapter 34: God and Devil Decision (2)

The skies were high and the clouds were faint with an occasional wild goose flying by. In front, it was flat land as far as the eye could see. The dense, tall grass were straight to the point that they didn’t have waists. (T/N: the waist is where people bend so no waist just serves to further emphasize how straight the grass is)

Being used to seeing the Devil Realm’s lamp light, the blue sky and white clouds made one look quite forward to seeing them. Tian Zhen hadn’t left the Devil Realm for many days so when she suddenly saw this kind of scenery, her mood greatly improved. Continue reading

[Little Phoenix] Chapter 33

I almost wasn’t going to post today cause I didn’t think I’d make it on time but hey, here it is ^_^. Note to self: stop leaving off translation until the day its to be posted

Chapter 33: God and Devil Decision (1)

It couldn’t be helped that there were suspicions about her falling out of favor when she moved back to her former residence all of a sudden. Fortunately, regardless of where Tian Zhen lived, there weren’t any changes in the devils’ attitudes towards her. The main point was that there was a limit to everyone’s pursuit. With nothing found, naturally there was no need to ingratiate themselves and nowadays, they sympathized her instead. Jiu Sicang and Minister Mo Ye as well as a few others would drag her out to drink away her worries every night. During this period of time, Tian Zhen had popularized countless objects of entertainment such as mahjong and so on. Her lifestyle was rotted and degenerated once more. Unexpectedly, Yu Yangjiao heard the news of her moving out and her mental state calmed. Her illness was completely gone and she began to come out and play again. Never in her wildest dreams had Tian Zhen expected that she had actually done a good deed. Continue reading

[Little Phoenix] Chapter 32

Hey guys sorry this chapter’s so late. Couldn’t translate at all for the past few days cause of the heatwave that hit New York City. Yeah, no way in hell was I gonna translate when my laptop’s touchpad was literally burning my fingertips. But hey all hail the crazy weather in this city! It’s now 50 something degrees and I’m loving it. Btw I’m seriously gonna hate the word beautiful by the end of this series.

Chapter 32: The Devil God’s Son (2)

Lu Binghe had his back towards her: “The Divine Winged race’s?”

This matter was very sensitive, the more you said, the more things could go wrong. Tian Zhen honestly admitted: “Yes.” Continue reading

[Little Phoenix] Chapter 31

Chapter 31: The Devil God’s Son (1)

Stupid? Tian Zhen practically suspected that a problem had arisen with her ears. Since she had begun following this god during this period of time, the confidence she had in her IQ had greatly increased. Suddenly hearing this kind of evaluation, the first reaction she gave was to not move an inch. Fortunately, her rationality still existed so with difficulty, she restrained herself from speaking what she had been about to say.

This god looking down on you doesn’t mean that you can look down on him in the same way. In the face of strength, equality was but a fleeting cloud. Continue reading

Status Update

School’s out and it looks like I managed to avoid having to retake any of my classes. So good news! I’m going back to my weekly release schedule and putting out chapters every Saturday. The next chapter of Little Phoenix will be out tomorrow at 12:00 pm in UTC-4. At this point I just want to get out as many chapters of Little Phoenix before I start school again in August. ORZ…..

[Little Phoenix] Chapter 30

Hey guys, I really wanted play an april fools joke on you but I ended up not having enough time to finish it. Oh well, there’s always next year. Here’s the non-pranked chapter. Btw, I changed Daren to Lord instead n I’ll probably go over all the chapters later on to change the chinese words than can be reverted to english into english.

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