[Status Update]

Hey guys it’s been over 2 years now since I last posted something. Sorry about going awol all of a sudden but RL got really hectic and I had to throw myself into my coursework to keep my GPA afloat. Now that I’m entering the graduate program next semester I’ll have even less time to translate due to focusing on laying down the groundwork for my career. However! Fleeting Phoenix Translations was kind enough to pick up the project and the head translator says that the next chapter will be posted sometime next week. Give them a round of applause people! 🤗🤗🤗

The link to their site is https://phoenix.translatednovels.com/

I also want to thank all the readers who expressed concern over my health. Thanks so much guys! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

[Status Update]

Hi, sorry to disappoint but I won’t be able to post a chapter today. Been feeling sick for the past few days cause of the hot weather (like seriously temperatures of 80 degrees Fahrenheit or above should be illegal. I’m not even moving and I still get drenched in sweat) and the headaches have made it difficult for me to focus while translating. Hopefully, since it finally rained and I’ve taken my painkillers, I’ll feel better enough to think straight by tomorrow. In which case, I should be able to push out a chapter by Monday night. On the other hand, if I still feel like someone’s hammering nails into my brain by tomorrow, I’ll let you know that I won’t be releasing any time soon.

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[Status Update]

So bad news. I’m not going to be able to release a chapter today. Doing weekly updates on a weekday when I’m working probably wasn’t my best idea. Good news is I’m going to release a chapter this Saturday and change my weekly updates to be on Saturday from now on. Hopefully that makes my updates more consistent. *Recalls update consistently when updates used to be on Saturday* Haha emphasis on hopefully.

[Little Phoenix] Chapter 38

Sorry for the late chapter but the good news is someone dies in this chapter! Yay? Btw is it just me or do the chapters feel like they’re getting longer? 😅 If there are any mistakes comment below and I’d appreciate any donations. Speaking of which thank you Christiine for being the first person to buy me a coffee o(*////▽////*)q. Wasn’t expecting to get any until several weeks later so woohoo! Continue reading

[Status Update]

Got called in for work so I wasn’t able to translate the chapter in time. I won’t be able to release the chapter today, but I might be able to find the time to finish translating it tomorrow. Night folks!

[Status Update]

Hey guys long time no see! Sorry I haven’t been translating but between the stress of school (those college drama shows completely lie about what college life is like! ORZ) and being in china for the past month (gmail and wordpress.com are blocked by the Great Fire Wall o(TヘTo) RIP ME) I haven’t posted jack in the past year but now I’m free until September so I’ll be doing weekly releases again to try and make up for the previous lack of releases. The first release will be this Wednesday. I’ve added a donations link to the front page if anyone’s willing to to spare some change and see if I can hit 20 bucks sometime next month. Additionally I’m taking commissions and if anyone’s interested just click on the commissions link at the top of the page for more info. Kay that’s about it see you guys on Wednesday!

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[Little Phoenix] Chapter 36

Hey guys so I finally managed to get this chapter translated after half a month. Feels like my translating skills get rusty the moment I stop translating for more than a week :/ I got too busy catching up on my reading list cause Kenkyo Kenjitsu and My Disciple Died Yet Again came out with a flood of releases. YES YES YEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!! So yeah hope you enjoy the chapter and I have no clue when I’m gonna post the next one after this. Continue reading

Status Update

So as VivianColdwater recently pointed out to me, the version I’m translating from was the unedited version that the author had posted prior to publishing the book. I plan on going over the chapters that I have translated and cross-referencing them with the edited version. Thankfully, the author didn’t make that many edits with some edits translating as the same thing in English. For the most part, there’s around a 70% match between the unedited and edited versions so hopefully this won’t take too much time. I’ll still be posting a chapter this Saturday so no worries about that. Scroll down for the cover of the novel but only if you want to be spoiled about the OTP.

Continue reading