[Little Phoenix] Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: God’s Former Residence (1)

As a God Realm traitor, the kinds of consequences she would incur the moment she left the Devil Palace, elder heavenly king Lu probably had a better understanding of them than Tian Zhen did. That’s why he purposefully let his younger brother leak the information. It was because he had anticipated what kind of action she would take. Maybe he had kept even Lu Xiaocan completely in the dark about this.

What made Tian Zhen angry and depressed was that in the end, elder heavenly king Lu couldn’t be blamed for any of this.

You ran outside? Who made you run outside? It wasn’t me right? What, I was going to send you away? Who told you that? What proof do you have? It was clearly you who took the initiative to run out yet you dare to frame this heavenly king?

Tian Zhen clenched her teeth and weakly said: “I missed Your Majesty so I followed after you.”

The Devil God bluntly said: “Lies.”

Tian Zhen honestly explained herself: “Half of it is true Your Majesty.”

The Devil God made no comment.

It was unknown since when, but that colorful python from before had awakened and was slowly roaming around his feet. It was acting meek and docile in order to express its submission.

Regarding things like snakes, women were innately unnerved and sensitive about them. Tian Zhen trembled and curled up into a ball while in his arms: “Your Majesty, let him leave first.”

“Cowardly Phoenix,” After evaluating her, the Devil God ordered the colorful python, “Divine Snake, defend the God Palace at the top of this mountain for me.”

Having been heavily injured, Tian Zhen was already feeling sleepy but after hearing these words, she immediately opened her eyes again and her mind was alert.

After busying yourself for half the day, I had thought you wanted to subdue this python for the sake of some major reason and purpose. Who would’ve thought that it was so you could use it to guard this mountain. Guarding the mountain isn’t a big deal but the question is, right now other than you there’s no in the six realms who can reach the top of the mountain so regardless of whether there’s a guard or not wouldn’t the result still be the same?

Discovering that it wouldn’t suffer any losses by working on behalf of this person, the colorful python was elated. It nodded its head and wagged its tail as it slithered up the mountain.

Tian Zhen couldn’t help warning him: “Your Majesty, isn’t this kind of like underusing one’s resources?”

The Devil God indicated for her to continue speaking.

“You captured it just to make it guard the mountain?”

“It looked a bit familiar.”


So because it looked familiar, you captured it to get a better look and then you released it. It matched this god’s style of doing things. Tian Zhen decided not to continue this topic of discussion: “A five-colored holy light appeared on You Po Mountain. Could it be it was because of it?”

“It’s possible. A primordial divine snake isn’t a normal beast.” The Devil God left the ground while hugging her and directly rose into the clouds.

Due to her fatigue as well as the sense of safety, Tian Zhen had to fight the urge to sleep. With a hoarse voice she asked: “Where is Your Majesty taking me?”

“Up the mountain.”

“The person who injured Your Majesty before……”

“It was the Taishang Mirror’s killing formation. It was triggered by me.”

Tian Zhen was alarmed: “The Taishang Mirror is on You Po Mountain?”

“The Taishang Mirror exists outside of the six realms. You Po Mountain is where it’s sealed at.”

“Let’s not go then.”

The Devil God looked at her: “You’re afraid now, Phoenix?”

“I’m concerned about Your Majesty.”

“Such a small dimensional space, there is nothing for me to fear!”

“Your Majesty was trapped within it for several hundreds of thousands of years.”
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The Devil God lowered his eyebrows and said: “Phoenix, who in the present six realms is capable of sealing me?!”

From a logical point of view, these words were correct. Tian Zhen couldn’t find a reason to refute it and could only ignore her uneasiness. She gazed concernedly at the traces of blood on the left side of his face: “Is Your Majesty’s injury serious?”

“It’s fine.” The Devil God slightly turned his face towards the side.

After receiving such a degree of torment, Tian Zhen really didn’t have the energy to pay too much attention to his action. Her head tilted and she fell into a deep slumber in his arms.

She slept very deeply, but it was also very sweet. So much so that she was a bit reluctant to wake up. She didn’t know how much time had passed……

While she was in the boundary between dreaming and waking, a sweet scent reached her nose.

Opening her eyes, the scenery gradually got clearer. The first thing that was reflected in her eyes was the vast, luminous sky and the tall corner of an eave that was curved in a fashion that resembled that of a goshawk spreading its wings.

That was an extremely majestic palace hall. The gigantic vermillion pillars were over 30 meters tall and caused her to feel stunned by the sight. She looked further up and felt that people were as small as bugs. The carvings on the pillars were magnificent and gave off a grand, imposing air. Even the imperial court couldn’t compare to it.

It was such a gorgeous palace yet the surrounding air was full of loneliness.

On the floor beside her was an unknown vine with small, round leaves and red flowers. It was beautiful and elegant. The scent was being emitted from it.

Waking up and finding herself in an unfamiliar place that couldn’t be found in her memories, Tian Zhen sat up in alarm and shouted: “Your Majesty? Your Majesty!”

“I am here, Phoenix.” At the palace doors, a person turned around and faced her direction.

“You……” With great effort, Tian Zhen opened her eyes wide and finally recognized that beautiful, delicate face that was carrying an injury on it as well as that familiar pair of long, narrow phoenix eyes that were currently filled with displeasure.

But she was still shocked.

That long, vermillion robe hung all the way to the ground and there were unusual, golden patterns on it. That long, red hair was slightly undulating as if it was a waterfall flowing down. It draped over his entire body. Standing there, he was like a ball of fire calmly burning.

The shoulder ornaments embedded with gems, the glistening golden forehead ornament, and the exquisite hair ornament on top of his head brought his tender image to the maximum. His dazzling and awe-inspiring aura was like that of the Western countries’ Sun God.

Tian Zhen was overwhelmed by the sight and dumbly sat there.

I didn’t see you for one night and you already dyed your hair, switched your clothes, and changed your style. Could it be that you walked the deep, profound route for too long so now you want to change to the passionate, youthful route? You don’t plan to continue acting as Lord Satan and want to change to acting as an angel?

“Your Majesty?”

“I, am simply recalling the past.”

So he was reminiscing about the past. This was how he looked like in the past? Tian Zhen immediately rushed to revel in it and squeezed out a philosophical line: “Memories, are the most precious riches in a person’s life! Is Your Majesty thinking of the past you?”

“Myself, as well as that useless father and elder brother of mine.”


Everything else about this god was alright, but he would rub people the wrong way the moment he opened his mouth. Tian Zhen finally retrieved a sense of familiarity. She propped her head up with her hand and proceeded take in the surrounding scenery.

There front of the hall was covered with weeds and the tall, jade stairs were covered with dust. It was clear that this place had been abandoned for a very long time. However, the hall’s vast wall and those vermilion pillars still had looked as good as new. It was evident that the materials used to build them were out of the ordinary.

“Where is this?”

“My residence.”

In a flash, the Devil God had restored his usual black hair and black robes. The moment he waved his sleeve, it was as if the placard high up on the palace hall door had been wiped clean. The dirt and dust completely disappeared and three, large words appeared in all their bright-colored and striking glory.

“Death Pardon Hall.” Tian Zhen softly read and quickly understood. You Po Mountain was originally the residence of the ancient gods. This was probably You Po Mountain’s summit. This palace hall’s main color was vermillion and was quite fitting of the Death God’s identity. Death Pardon. As the name implied, they had wanted him to restrain his murderous nature as much as possible. It was obvious that this name wasn’t something he came up with.

The Devil God said: “In the past, I lived here with Yan Wu. It was an unforgettable period of time in my life.”

Hearing that familiar-sounding name, Tian Zhen quickly asked: “Who’s Yan Wu?”

“My faithful friend.”



It was fine so long as it wasn’t a female. Tian Zhen relaxed and gazed all around her before saying: “Since he’s Your Majesty’s friend, why don’t you tell him to show himself?”

“It would be a blasphemy to call him out when there’s no battle to fought.” The Devil God moved his line of sight back to her and asked, “Are you satisfied? Phoenix.”

Tian Zhen sincerely nodded her head: “Very, I like this place a lot.”

“Muddle-headed Phoenix.”

Seeing him walk inside the palace, Tian Zhen was baffled. After a long self-examination, she suddenly discovered something. In her ecstasy she jumped up and chased after him: “Your Majesty! I figured it out! I figured it out!”

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