Ending translation of JTSPR

Well to get straight to the point, I found out that JTSPR’s author is involved in heavy amounts of plagiarism and so I’m gonna stop translating it and I’ll be taking it all down soon. Guess this is what happens when  you pick a translating project simply because you liked the manhua raws for it -_-|||. Seriously wondering rite now why I never heard of her considering how big of a scandal she was in. So anyways, I’m gonna stop translating until I find a series that 1) I like and 2) definitely ain’t plagiarized. If you have any suggestions leave a comment.

Here’re the links I found relating to her plagiarism if anyone’s curious and wants to know more:




32 thoughts on “Ending translation of JTSPR

    1. It was found out that the author didn’t plagiarize. She was framed. And now her work became the. Best seller in many Chinese store. A drama already came out this year in 2017 of The JTSPR


  1. New recommendations:
    ① Blood Hourglass 《血之沙漏》by (林静)
    Link – http://quanben-xiaoshuo.com/xiaoshuo/3/xuezhishalou.html
    ( gravity translations did first 20chaps and now it’s dropped )

    ② Dragon Flies Phoenix Dances 《龙飞凤舞》by (明月听风)
    Link – http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=1109672
    ( dawning howls translated first 20chaps and now it’s dropped )

    ③ The Violent Fairy Princess《暴力仙姬》by (峨眉)
    Link – http://www.19lou.com/wap/forum-26-thread-14401327745017268-1-1.html

    ④ E Mei《娥媚》by (峨嵋)
    Link – http://www.19lou.com/forum-26-thread-15501355307903347-1-1.html

    ⑤ Little Phoenix is Not an Immortal《小凤不是仙》by (蜀客)
    Link – http://www.klxsw.com/files/article/html/38/38999/

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  2. I feel in love with this translation of yours. It’s just sad it’s plagiarized. Btw, what’s the name of the author?


    1. vivibear n I’m just glad I found out only at book 2 n not when I’ve already translated book 9. That would’ve seriously depressed me.


  3. Sigh. Now I’m depressed. I really enjoyed the story too, and now I can’t even reread it over and over again…
    Recommendations! (Modern and Ancient):

    1. Hard to Escape/ In Love with a Counterfeit Tall Rich Handsome [插翅难逃/ 爱上冒牌高富帅]
    Links- http://www.books.shushengbar.com/?p=6823
    (Apparently, it’s short. xD)

    2. Danis Haiguerre [丹尼海格] by 缪娟
    Link- http://www.books.shushengbar.com/?p=7225
    (The comment has a better summary.)

    3. Jin Yun Zhe, Mo Shang Shuang [锦云遮,陌上霜 ]
    Link- http://www.books.shushengbar.com/?p=7442
    (The summary captured my attention. ^^)

    4. Ancient God [上古]
    Link- http://www.books.shushengbar.com/?p=7288
    (This one is said to be a pretty good read but a daunting task to translate. You should try it, though!)


    1. These look nice thanks for the suggestions! Right now I’m planning on doing a short project with comedy with as little angst as possible(binged thru way too many ones with angst with one dead n other alive or one dead n other following soon after)

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  4. So sad to hear that you will not be continuing the translation but I understand why. Thanks for all your hard work. I have so many books that I would like to see being translated but here is a list from seoulinlovenow.blogspot.com.
    – love given to you by mistake
    – wu ai yan hun
    – nuptial chamber next door
    – Will you wait for me to grow up
    – encounter is doom, fall in love is destiny


    1. Thanks for your suggestions😄. At the rate this is going it looks like I won’t have to search for projects to do for a long while. The first and last one seem interesting.


  5. Hey, I may sound rude…. But Im jst hookd with d story….. Uhm….can u pls at least gv a brf summary of wat hapnd n d story???? Er… Sorry 4 d trouble… *sweatdrops*

    Tnx 4 all d hard work….


    1. for vol 2: souji’s illness was found out n he was sent away. he stayed at a house in the countryside n ye yin stayed with him n he peacefully died in her arms (Literally: his head was in her arms, he still had his smile, he gazed at her and then closed his eyes, he said something she leaned in closer n asked him to repeat cause she couldn’t hear, he doesn’t respond, she realizes he’s dead, she lays down beside him n closes her eyes b4 later going home.
      With the Kiku-saito situation, saburo killed kiku’s husband who was a choshu rebel, kiku later killed saburo, saito came upon scene n was about to kill kiku, ye yin stops him by telling him kiku’s pregnant n the baby doesn’t deserve to die
      rest of shinsengumi-RIP, RIP, every single 1 of them, those who didn’t die b4 souji’s death died after


  6. I was almost done with book one. Darn
    Did you still hold onto your translations of book one? I stopped on a cliffhanger.
    If you did, would you be able to email me a copy? And if you don’t want to, I understand.


      1. Yeah, I’d appreciate that very much, thank you!

        I stopped where she was eating and drinking with the emperor. Seemed like he was going to get her drunk and trap her there forever…


        1. yin stood up and 1 of her talismans dropped out. emp saw n she panicked cause paper wasn’t made yet back then. she folded the talisman into a paper crane n said that it was a common toy in her hometown. she gave it to him as a present n he carefully placed it in his chest pocket. emp said he would like it if she became one of his concubines. she declined saying that it wouldn’t end well for either of them n he agreed saying that after seeing her beat up the little brother(don’t recall his name anymore) he didn’t want her to become a part of his harem. they drank n talked some more n then she left. she was dropped off at the mansion she was working at. when the people escorting her left, she immediately left for an abandoned area n contacted si yin using the wind bead n he brought her home. they got into a fight after she told him that she had befriended the emp cause he had told her before not to get unnecessarily involved with others in that time. her senior apprentice brother fei niao had come n intervened btwn them. he smoothed the tension n then suggested they eat out. si yin refused but asked that they bring back strawberry ice cream for him. fei niao n yin left for the restaurant. THE END


            1. Jtspr was split into three parts, in order: present life, past life-prequel, then the sequel with yin finally ending up with her lover. Present life was split into 9 volumes n vol 3 shows her lover-vampire count Sanatesi. Prequel’s 2 vol n sequel’s 5 vol n u see her ending up with Sanatesi in that one. She n Sanatesi have kids n the sequel to jtspr features their youngest daughter. Don’t know who she ends up with or the plot line in that one since I just skimmed the raws of the manga version for that one (in other words, I didn’t bother looking up the words I didn’t know which was A LOT so I didn’t really get the gist of it other then the daughter time travels too. Don’t know why tho)


              1. Hello! I know you quit the translations, and as I was reading the comments, I was wondering if that Vampire Count Sanatesi is the same as Thanatos? Or are they completely different characters? I just got around reading the latest updated chapter of the managa and want to know the endgame haha, thanks!


                1. Yep, Sanatesi is Thanatos. Apparently that was just how the author spelled his name using Chinese phonetics but I had zero clue.


  7. Nahhhhhh, I made sure that I didn’t pick a harem story. Its just that 15 guys fall for her in total. That’s all😊


  8. I am sorry to ask but is there anyway to read somewhere or borrow the already translated parts ? I really really want to finish reading this story but I couldn’t find anywhere else in english on the Internet (and chinease isn’t a language that I can read 😦 )


    1. As far as I know I was the only translator for it but Mystic Crescent Scans is currently translating the manga adaptation of it. Here’s the link to the manga raws if its too slow otherwise http://www.ikanman.com/comic/9433/. The manga raws r already up to volume 6 of the novels. I posted a summary of volume 2 in a comment above n to make it easier to understand the manga raws, the dudes that appear n fall for her r: Qin Shi Huang, Okita Soji, Thanatos Arron Eisdowei (vamp lord), Rameses the 2nd, Cesare Borgia, n currently up to Abe no Seimei (didn’t read the series after quitting translation so I don’t know any of the others cept I think 1 of em was a Mayan Emperor during the conquest of the Americas?). Dug through my trash files and recovered the JTSPR folder. I only translated up to the start of volume 2 tho b4 I dropped it. Here’s the link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Byd_GcOaUr04ejcycVhhTDJvTW8.

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